Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 14

well this week has flown by, we have been SUPER exhausted but it is wonderful. our stupid washer has been broken so we haven't been able to do our laundry for 2 weeks and so we had to strap my laundry and sister askerlund's laundry to the bike of my bike and take it to the other sister's house which is near the church which means a 30 or so bike ride. i'm attaching a pic of it, it's pretty funny and awesome - i held it down by wrapping a ROPE around it, pretty smart huh?

well, the cambodian people continue to be awesome. we are teaching a lot of people about the gospel and its fun seeing how happpy they get and how much they progress in their happiness over time - its amazing to share my happiness with them, i just wish EVERYONE could be familiar with the gospel of jesus christ, it's amazing. its a hard work. the language for me is coming along, i get discourgaged a lot with my horrible reading skills. but sister askerlund gave me a KINDERGARTEN khmer reading book so i could start from scratch. i'm reading better, i'm just working on being happy after i read. it is very frustrating not being able to read the way i want to be, i feel like everyone can read but me. it will take time. my speaking is getting better, i try to listen to the way the khmer people pronounce things and i try to copy that - it is very nice to know asian languages though, i think it helps a lot. so WAY TO GO MOM AND DAD FOR BEING ASIAN! hahaha

i'm trying to think of cool things, okay so we are teaching this lady who sews really well. i'm asking her to make me clothes, its like - i go buy the material at the HUGE markets they have here and they make it for 4-8$ that's including the price of the material. i love it. mommy you would love it, they could make anything! it's crazy! i wish i was that talented!

so i remember last week i told you about the deaf girl right? srey brat. so we went to go visit her the other day and she is always home.... her neighbors told us that she went to the COUNTRY SIDE to go work.... we were so sad. you see that so often here, that people and family members go out to what we called the KITES (country side) to go work and send money back. i think its funny though, people from the country side come to phnom penh to work and then the people from phnom penh go to the kites to work.... i bit reversed.

the weather is nice and hot and i have the ugliest tan lines hahaha but that's okay that means i'm working hard. i use the bug spray all the time mom, so thank you for that! i love the work here, i cant say that enough. each week comes and goes and we are tired but that means we are doing something right. i love the work, i love my companion, i love the people we are teaching, and i love seeing all the people smile as we are biking by. people here don't have something to smile about but we try to give them something to smile about. trying to remember that this life and this life experience is a gift from God and that without Him we wouldn't have this opportunity.

so this week is SUPER exciting! we have 3 baptisms ON SATURDAY AT 4 pm. we have baong maom, srey maom, and chandaa. we are so excited. two of them are niece and aunt and one is a mom. they are amazing. i am so excited. you have no idea that joy that i have because of the choice they have made to get baptized. my heart is so full, it ridiculous. even though i speak broken khmer, sister askerlund always reminds me that i made a difference in their life. pictures to come next week, i promise! i'll send pics of them this week but next week they will be in ALL WHITE BABY!!!!!! we have a few more baptisms coming up after as well - so their stories to come later! i wanted to talk about chandaa really quick, the elders were teaching her and her husband but then the elders gave her to us. then her niece started sitting in on the discussions with us. i guess girls teaching girls is easier and more comfortable. but how cool is this, her husband wanted to start learning because he had met the elders, he had read lehi's dream. he wanted his family to partake of the fruit. how amazing is that? they were totally prepared to receive the gospel. i know that the lord prepares certain people at certains times and the lord's timing is the best timing. i know that the holy ghost helps me speak khmer and helps the investigators understand my broken khmer :) the lord is GOOD!!!!

this week is wonderful, this will be my first batisms and i am so excited you have NO IDEA!!!!

i want everyone to know that through the gospel of jesus christ ,we can have EVERYTHING. i promise you as you give your life to the lord, you will be filled with joy beyond measure. i love the gospel, i love the book of mormon, and i love this work.

I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! please press forward in following all the commandments of the lord so you can gain all that the lord has in your life!!!!

UNTIL NEXT WEEK!!!! for anyone who wants to email me, please fill free! i love hearing from EVERYONE!




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