Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 9

OHHHHHHH ONE WEEK CLOSER TO LEAVINGGGG! HELLOOOO CAMBODIA! wow cambodia won't even know what hit em hahaha.

i hope all of you had a great week! unfortunately, sister wu is a bit under the weather but it's okay, i'm not healthy right now but i sure am happy. i have bronchitis hahaha. everyone in my district and branch has been super sick and well it was inevitable that i would get it someday and it's rough and a bit frustrating getting it right before i leave for cambodia but the lord sure has a sense of humor. it's great though, the work shall continue!

i apologize in advance if my thoughts aren't clear, this medicine i'm on truly makes me super drowsy! anyways, this week has been another week at the good ole MTC. for those who know, HERMANA HATCH has safely landed onto MY FLOOR IN MY RESIDENCE HALL! i see her EVERYDAY at the meals and we visit and have a pow wow at night for a few minutes! it's good times! it's great to have people here that were before the mish! its exciting to see people grow in the gospel and come unto christ every day it is truly an amazing work.

i have this quote that i found while reading a talk by m russell ballard and he said that:

"the truth of god shall go forth" " this is gods work, and god's work will not be frustrated. but there is still much to be done before the great jehovah can announce that the work is done. while we praise and honor those faithful saints who have brought us to this point of public prominence, we cannot afford, my brothers and sisters, to be comfortable or content. we are all needed to finish the work that was begun by those pioneering saints over 175 years ago. and carried through the subsequent decades by faithful saints of every generation. we need to beleive as they believed. we need to WORK as they worked. we need to SERVE as they served. and we need to voercome as they overcome. of course our challenges are different today but they are no less demanding. instead of angry mobs, we face those who constantly try to defame instead of extreme exposure and hadship, we face alcohol and drug abuse, pornography, all kinds of filth, sleaze, creed, and hishonesty, and spiritual apathy. instead of families being uprooted an dtorn from their homes we see the institution of the family, including the divince institution of marriage, under attack as groups and invidiuals seek to define away the prominent and divine role of the family in society. this is not a suggest that our challenges today are more severe than the challenges faced by those who have gone before us. they are just different. the lord isn't asking us to load up a handcard hes jasking us to fortify our faith. he isn't asking us to walk across a continent he's asking us to walk across the street to our neighbors. he sin't asking us to give all of our worldy possessions to build a temple hes asking us to give of our means and our time despite the pressures of modern living to continue to build tmples and then to attend regularly the temples already built. he isn't asking us to die a martyr's death, hes asking us to live a discple's life."

i love that. i don't remember the name of the talk but look it up on!

the work of the lord is essential in these latter-days. please press forward in building the lord's kingdom. remember that each and everyone of o you covenanted at baptism that you would share the gospel with everyone. you don't need a name tag to do it, just simply open your mouth. i can testify to you that opening your mouth and doing just that will surely bring people unto christ. remember to stand as a witness of christ in all things, in all places, and at all times.

i love being a missionary. it is truly an honor to be the lord's missionary. you have no idea how fun it is to sing CALLED TO SERVE every tuesday night at our devotionals. you can just feel the power thats in the room.

the gospel of jesus christ is restored. please don't keep this from people. share it with everyone. everyone needs the gospel in their lives even if they don't know it.

i sure do love you all! my time in the MTC is coming to an end. i cannot wait to serve the people in cambodia.

i bare solem witness the jesus is the christ and that he lives. i testify that joseph smith is a prophet of god and that he translated the book of mormon through and by the power of god. i promise you as you open your hearts and sincerely ask our father in heaven to help you with anything, that he will hear you and answer you - perhaps not in the way you want him to though. always remember that we are on the lord's time, not ours. as you come unto him, he will surely come unto you. i love the gospel with every fiber of my being. it has truly changed my life in every aspect. i have a firm testimony that families can live together forever. i know that the lord knows each and every one of us by name, he knows all our wants, needs, desires, worries, and heart aches. i love the lord and i will serve him forever.

thank you all for reading my blog :) i love you all! thank you for your prayers! i'm praying for all of you!



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 8

HELLO EVERYONE! good ole 2010! how crazy right?!?!

so this past week has been another week at the MTC, it's a crazy place if not crazier as the time goes by. i'm down to about 3.5 weeks here and OFF TO CAMBODIA I GO!!!!so this week we've had AMAZINGGGGGGG speakers. we had mission conference this past sunday because of fast sunday. a lot of them spoke about this one question: HAVE YOU DONE ANY GOOD IN THE WORLD TODAY? ask yourself that. i can prmise you as you go about serving others each day, by doing even the smallest things - someones life will be blessed. i can promise yout hat the lord will bless you for caring and loving for his children and for your brothers and sisters. remember to always show love in all that you do because remember the golden rule? do unto others as you want done unto you!!!! so try this week to sit next to people youd on't know while eating on campus or find someone random to sit next to during church and REACH OUT TO PEOPLE. everyone needs a friend!!! you're missing out on opportunities to meet amazing people and you're limiting the lord's love for you and those around you. love em love em and LOVE EM!

okay sooooo i love preach my gospel. if you don't have preach my gospel i strongly encourage you to get one. not only is preach my gospel great for a mission but i'm pretty sure it's made as a guideline for how to live a christ like life on and off the mission. its a great tool from the lord and i love it. in preach my gospel it talks about the level of understanding of our investigators will be influenced by our personal worthiness. i am 1000000% sure that we need the lords help. i know that we need the lords help in everything that you do and we need the savior in order to be completely worthy of the holy ghost. i can promise you that if the holy ghost isn't with you while preaching the gospel, it is no good! remember that we have to be pure and clean before the lord and when you are pure and clean, the people you meet and teach to will understand the gospel more clearly. that leads to my next point, we always have to pray for the spirit's guidance, and valiantly follow the promptings we receive (preach my gospel pg. 91) it is soooo important to pray for the holy ghost an have the courage and strength to press forward in doing what he has told you to do. i can promise you that the lord will never put you in a bad situation and the holy ghost can and will only lead you aright!

okay so speaking about being worthy. we all kind of avoid the topic of repentance... because it's hard am i right? okay so we had a great discussion about this. so here are my two sense for this one so going to someone and telling them what exactly you did wrong is abut 4 steps fruther than just stoping whatever you are doing or have done wrong. it takes true courage and faith in the savior to get you back on your feet. slowly or quickly, you will surely get back on your feet someday. sinning is seriously such a scary thing. my teacher brother olson made a great comment saying that.... life will get hard sometimes and thigns can get AWFUL BUT YOU'LL MAKE IT THROUGH with whatever happens but when you sin.... that's where you go wrong. when you sin you make that personal choice and inflict upon yoruself and open your own door to satan to come in. i seriously begggggg ALL of you to sincerely, to have more faith in our savior jesus christ. the savior will come and help you as long as you sincerely call out to him. ask yourself this.... during yours prayers are you telling god, okay i'm sorry i did this and just saying it or do you really mean it and sincerely and humbly ask for his forgiveness? there is a huge difference. i challenge all of you to sincerely pray to our father in heaven for forgiveness. do not do it in vain and do it beacuse you know you should but do it because you want to do it and mostly importnatly because you know you have to do it.

i promise all of you that the lord jesus christ has the power to do anything. to heal you, help you, and love you. i'm grateful fort his wonderful opporutunity to teach the cambodian people about our loving father in heaven for the next 18 months of my life. remember that we have something that people out there NEED. remember what i always say


have a great week!!!