Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hello everybody!!!

i hope you all are doing awesome! like i promised, i am doing another post! i am good for my word :) anywho, this week i got a lot out of personal study time. i read a lot about accountability. as a missionary you are accountable to yourself, the people you teach, and the lord. refer to ALMA 5:14-19.

14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye aspiritually been bborn of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty cchange in your hearts?

15 Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him who acreated you? Do you look forward with an eye of faith, and view this mortal body raised in immortality, and this corruption braised in incorruption, to stand before God to be cjudged according to the deeds which have been done in the mortal body?

16 I say unto you, can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day: Come unto me ye ablessed, for behold, your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth?

17 Or do ye aimagine to yourselves that ye can lie unto the Lord in that day, and bsay—Lord, our works have been righteous works upon the face of the earth—and that he will save you?

18 Or otherwise, can ye imagine yourselves brought before the tribunal of God with your souls filled with guilt and remorse, having a remembrance of all your guilt, yea, a perfect aremembrance of all your wickedness, yea, a remembrance that ye have set at defiance the commandments of God?

19 I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you, can you look up, having the aimage of God engraven upon your countenances?

i love those versus. take those as you will, i just wanted to share that with you.

this past week, we had some great things happen. we had a baptism happen last sunday, her name is bong lina. she is a nurse and is so smart its not even funny. i'm pretty convinced she knows more about the church than half the members. she started out learning with the elders last november and she finished with sisters. usually, we teach all girls, usually girls understand girls and its a lot less awkward. its always an amazing experience to see people come unto christ and be converted. to see their old lives and see them receive a new life, there is nothing quite like it.

we also committed a family and another girl to be baptized coming up in july. they both committed and the spirit was so strong. after we taught the restoration for the family and the girl, we just committed them to receive baptism and follow the example of the savior after they receive an answer about joseph smith and the book of mormon. there truly is no other feeling like helping people receive eternal blessings through the gospel of jesus christ. missionary work is so GOOD!!!!

and there is one more verse i want to share its ALMA 37:36:

36 Yea, and acry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy bdoings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy cthoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

put everything on the lord forever! THE LORDS WANTS TO HELP YOU, if you just LET HIM!

i testify to you that i know that the fulness of the gospel of jesus christ is upon the earth once again. i know that if we sincerely pray to our father in heaven, he will always answer you. remembering that he may not always answer you in the way you might want Him to. the LORD is always mindful of you and loves you everyday, despite our inadequices. realizing our inadequices and relying on the LORD will help us become a true disciple of christ. the work of the lord is going forth boldly and independantly.i promise each and every one of you if you lay all your troubles on the lord, He will help you - if you obey Him and trust Him. I LOVE THE LORD AND I WILL SERVE HIM FOREVER!!!!

thank you all for all of your support, keep emailing and writing! I LOVE HEARING FROM ALL OF YOU!

have a great week!!!



lost on weeks!


do not kill me, i do realize that sister wu aka me has been super busy and have become a slacker in my blogging works. but i promise you that the work in cambodia is still progressing and sister wu is still alive and well and is still sweating like there is absolutely no tomorrow!!!

i want to talk about a few things and just more like a teaching blog today, i just want to share some scriptures and i want all of you to just read them and study them if you get a chance! they are just scriptures that i had studied and read during personal study.

d&c 20:34 - even the best fall down sometimes

mosiah 28:39 - forgive others

1 cor 9:19-23 - replace jew with khmer people, i am becoming khmer!

mosiah 26:39 - pray without ceasing, always give thanks

d&c 64:31-32 - lord's time table

mosiah 29:12 - humans are biased, who are we to judge?

mosiah 29:20- humble yourself and trust the lord

anywho, thats for scripture study but i want to talk about this one miracle that i experiened the other week. we were in this inside market, just visiting in inactive member. as im standing there just talking to other people this woman calls me over and says HEY I HAVE A QUESTION. so i go over and im like yes? she goes are you mormon? im like yes i am. she said oh my gosh, ive been looking for the mormon church. she said that her brother in VIRGINIA of all places, is a member of the church. he told her to go find the mormon church in cambodia. she said she has wanted to but didnt know where to look or how to look for it. she told us that her husband had passed away 2 years ago and has 3 kids and 2 nieces living with her in this small room. we told her when church meets and where it is. and she came for 2 sundays in a row. so fast forward, we meet with her at her house. as we begin to teach with lesson 1 on the restoration, she just stops and just is silent after we share about the great apostasy. she told us that she has been looking for a church ever since her husband died but didnt know which church was god's church. she told us that, the day in the market she saw us she just had this feeling she should ask me if i was mormon. she didnt know the name of the church in the khmer language. she told us that she goes maybe they are from america. they have these weird looking helmets and bike and they dont wear those weird helmets here.... they might be from america, they are talking about jesus christ. she told us that she just had this feeling in her that she should ask me and pull me aside. long story short, we are teaching her and her entire family, 3 kids and 2 adorable nieces. the blessings of helping this family form an eternal family is amazing. this work is truly progressing in cambodia and all over the world. the lord has promised us that as we are obedient to his word with absolute exactness, he will bless us with people to teach and to bring unto Him. i know that the gospel of jesus christ is true and that the healing power of the atonement is real, if we exercise our faith in the lord and apply the atonement in our lives, we can be cleansed and stand before got spotless. i know that jospeh smith is a true prophet of god, that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the true and only true church on earth. i know that jesus christ is my savior and my redeemer and that he knows me by name as he does everyone else.

i urge everyone of you to sincerely look to the lord in all things and he will guide you aright.




Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seeds of Faith: The Saints in Cambodia

To look at what the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is all about: go to this website! this was just filled this past month. it features one the branches I am currently serving in!

Sister Wu

Week 20

things in cambodia are a bit slow for now, i'm still recovering - its really hard but things are still going great! we have 3 baptisms coming up on april 18th so we're super excited for that! we have 2 new sister missionaries coming in on april 24th! so there will be some big changes going on! who knows, i might be transferred! its all exciting! its weird to think, i've been here for 2 months already -talk about FLYING BY!!!!!
there isn't much going on over here but i just want all of you to know that, as long as you trust the lord with every fiber of your being, and do as the lord has commanded, the lord is bound to bless you but that is dependant upon your obedience to his laws and commandments. i encourage all of you to pray for sincerly and more frequently with our father in heaven. i promise you the lord listens every single time. dont every doubt that. i know that the lord watches over us because he loves us, each individually. we are a children of our father in heaven and i promise you as you continue to prepare yourself to meet the lord in this life, you will gain happiness forever.
i know that the gospel of jesus christ is the greatest gift of all things we have. each day is a gift from god, so dont waste it!!!
i love the gospel. i love this work. and i love you all :)
until next week! STAY AWESOME!
Sister Wu

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

week 19

sorry this email is a day late! thanks for all the emails!

okay so everyone, dont freak out! this email wont be long because im super tired and i dont have a lot of energy to be honest. its super hot today.

BUT the reason my email is a day late is because.... well anything can happen in cambodia! haha even me and a motto colliding and a motto hitting me. it happened on sunday afternoon at about 11 30 am. we were going to a recent converts house to get her to sign this paper we needed and well.... this motto was going fast and we were i guess going for the same piece of road that didnt have the big bump so i wouldn't hit my butt too hard.... and well, the next thing you know. the motto hit me :) we hit... sister askerlund was infront of me and it swirved out of her way and then i was after sister askerlund and well it it me... so the motto was going fast and well.... me and my bike were no match for the motto. the guy driving the motto had another passanger so that didnt help any. sister askerlund thought wow that motto hit the wall but then she told me she looked back and saw me caught inbetween the motto and the wall and my bike... i kind of wish she took a picture but sister pen was behind me and she saw it all. the guy on the motto did help me though. my bike got crushed in the front, with the wheel smashed crooked and its hard to ride but ill have to get that fixed sometime. for right now, we're taking a motto tuk tuk (a motto with a carriage thing in the back) for the next 2 weeks - the mission will reinburse me for the expenses spent on paying for the motto tuk tuk. but okay back to sunday.... i got these big bruises on the left leg... like 3 ok maybe 4 of them and i cut up my elbows a little bit, nothing too bad i promise!

and then well later on, since i'm serving in 2 branches here in phnom pen h(branch 7 and 8) we proceeded with our day and went home to eat lunch and went to branch 8 church at 2 pm. and well as time went on.... it felt a lot of pain in my stomach pelvic area. and so my companions insisted that i go to the hospital. so i went to the hospital. they thought i had appendcitis or something, got a CT scan and xray and blood tests and they checked my glucose level everyday and all that boring stuff and they found out that i had internal bruising in my intestines and they were swelling and it caused a lot of pain - good news, no surgery though! sooooooo they admitted me to in-patient care to keep my under observation - you know give me pain killers, drugs, nausea and what not medicine. monday was a rough day though, i threw up acid and bile and it wasn't fun. i couldnt eat anything either. my body wouldn't take it. and well long story short! i was released from the hospital yesterday at about 5 30 PM. DONT WORRY I PROMISE YOU IM OKAY.

i'm recovering now, taking it easy. dont worry don't be mad okay! i'm alive! happy things!!! no worries here! everything is great in cambodia! hahaha i promise. you're probably thinking i'm crazy :) BUT i am not! hahaha

i'm resting and taking things slowly for the next 2 weeks. i have a check up appointment this saturday at 430 pm just to make sure everything is okay. i got medicine.

i am great!

okay, that is all from me this week!





week 18

Nothing computers were not working

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

week 17

hello from good ole cambodia again!

well another hot week in cambodia. you know, cambodia reminds me of taiwan but parts of it not so much. we had quite the change, it used to be just me and sister askerlund as my companion but now there are 3 of us for a month or so. one of the other sisters from stockton, california ended her mission last saturday and now its me and sister askerlund and sister pen who is from cambodia. its pretty intimidating being in a companionship with the other 2 when the other 2 people know a lot of khmer and i dont. i can't even tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE think i'm 100% cambodian, its crazy. some talk super fast at me until they here me speak. we had one investigator who had forgot my name because she told us she saw us biking close to where she was working one day. she goes yea i saw you and your other companion, sister... whats her name.... the one who is khmer. sister askerlund starts laughing and the girl goes i do have a question, i always wondered.... why doesn't she really speak khmer really well hahaha... how embarrasing, but thats okay, i'll get there someday! people sawy that i speak clearly buti want to get the nt and every5thing but its hard. on a happy note though, im reading better!

this week hasn't been too eventful. now that i'm with 2 other people, it is harder. figuring out when who showers and what not.its different adjusting to a foreigner because sister askerlund and i are so american but its all a great learning experience nonethless. you just learn what you shouldn't do an so forth. we moved houses as well and well just look at the pictures and it'll speak for itself. lets just say sister askerlund and i own A LOT OF THINGS. but have no fear, you make ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING fit into a tuk tuk which is a motto bike with a trailer with seats and stuff, just look at the picture. we had to go to the mission presidents home and do transfers, its when companions swap and go to different areas if there is a change made. and well president got a kick out of all the things we owned and well we aren't sure how we fit.sister smedley his wife VIDEO taped it it was that amazing haha. fun adventures in cambodia as always!

you know the experiences and things that i see here are seriuosly crazy. i see cars hit mottos and just drive off, i see and go to smelly markets and see kids naked all the time. i see people with no homes and eating peoples left overs from the outside restaurants. i see and smell great and terrible things. i experience RIDICULOUS weather. i miss modern conveniences and i miss a lot of things but i would choose no where else to be right now, other than cambodia - sounds crazy right?

i have 1.5 years here and when its all over, i can only imagine me not wanting to leave. you get so attached to the things here (like MANGOS hahahaha) and the people. life is full of adventures and opportunities to grow and learn and to experience - why waste any second of it? no one gets the time like a missionary of the lord does, to truly focus on the IMPORTANT things in life and not the materialistic things. people here in cambodia are good people, with not a lot of things. they live in a place of corruption and poverty but they sure are grateful for what they have. i love this place. i'll take all the sweat and all the funny smells and the no air conditioning any day for this. what i have here, is probably a lot more than what most of the other people in cambodia have. but i can admit, my gratitude is no where close to how much they have for the very little things they have. i think that life is way too short to waste on stupid little things. be happy, be grateful, and love each other as the lord loves all of his children.