Tuesday, April 6, 2010

week 19

sorry this email is a day late! thanks for all the emails!

okay so everyone, dont freak out! this email wont be long because im super tired and i dont have a lot of energy to be honest. its super hot today.

BUT the reason my email is a day late is because.... well anything can happen in cambodia! haha even me and a motto colliding and a motto hitting me. it happened on sunday afternoon at about 11 30 am. we were going to a recent converts house to get her to sign this paper we needed and well.... this motto was going fast and we were i guess going for the same piece of road that didnt have the big bump so i wouldn't hit my butt too hard.... and well, the next thing you know. the motto hit me :) we hit... sister askerlund was infront of me and it swirved out of her way and then i was after sister askerlund and well it it me... so the motto was going fast and well.... me and my bike were no match for the motto. the guy driving the motto had another passanger so that didnt help any. sister askerlund thought wow that motto hit the wall but then she told me she looked back and saw me caught inbetween the motto and the wall and my bike... i kind of wish she took a picture but sister pen was behind me and she saw it all. the guy on the motto did help me though. my bike got crushed in the front, with the wheel smashed crooked and its hard to ride but ill have to get that fixed sometime. for right now, we're taking a motto tuk tuk (a motto with a carriage thing in the back) for the next 2 weeks - the mission will reinburse me for the expenses spent on paying for the motto tuk tuk. but okay back to sunday.... i got these big bruises on the left leg... like 3 ok maybe 4 of them and i cut up my elbows a little bit, nothing too bad i promise!

and then well later on, since i'm serving in 2 branches here in phnom pen h(branch 7 and 8) we proceeded with our day and went home to eat lunch and went to branch 8 church at 2 pm. and well as time went on.... it felt a lot of pain in my stomach pelvic area. and so my companions insisted that i go to the hospital. so i went to the hospital. they thought i had appendcitis or something, got a CT scan and xray and blood tests and they checked my glucose level everyday and all that boring stuff and they found out that i had internal bruising in my intestines and they were swelling and it caused a lot of pain - good news, no surgery though! sooooooo they admitted me to in-patient care to keep my under observation - you know give me pain killers, drugs, nausea and what not medicine. monday was a rough day though, i threw up acid and bile and it wasn't fun. i couldnt eat anything either. my body wouldn't take it. and well long story short! i was released from the hospital yesterday at about 5 30 PM. DONT WORRY I PROMISE YOU IM OKAY.

i'm recovering now, taking it easy. dont worry don't be mad okay! i'm alive! happy things!!! no worries here! everything is great in cambodia! hahaha i promise. you're probably thinking i'm crazy :) BUT i am not! hahaha

i'm resting and taking things slowly for the next 2 weeks. i have a check up appointment this saturday at 430 pm just to make sure everything is okay. i got medicine.

i am great!

okay, that is all from me this week!





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