Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lost on weeks!


do not kill me, i do realize that sister wu aka me has been super busy and have become a slacker in my blogging works. but i promise you that the work in cambodia is still progressing and sister wu is still alive and well and is still sweating like there is absolutely no tomorrow!!!

i want to talk about a few things and just more like a teaching blog today, i just want to share some scriptures and i want all of you to just read them and study them if you get a chance! they are just scriptures that i had studied and read during personal study.

d&c 20:34 - even the best fall down sometimes

mosiah 28:39 - forgive others

1 cor 9:19-23 - replace jew with khmer people, i am becoming khmer!

mosiah 26:39 - pray without ceasing, always give thanks

d&c 64:31-32 - lord's time table

mosiah 29:12 - humans are biased, who are we to judge?

mosiah 29:20- humble yourself and trust the lord

anywho, thats for scripture study but i want to talk about this one miracle that i experiened the other week. we were in this inside market, just visiting in inactive member. as im standing there just talking to other people this woman calls me over and says HEY I HAVE A QUESTION. so i go over and im like yes? she goes are you mormon? im like yes i am. she said oh my gosh, ive been looking for the mormon church. she said that her brother in VIRGINIA of all places, is a member of the church. he told her to go find the mormon church in cambodia. she said she has wanted to but didnt know where to look or how to look for it. she told us that her husband had passed away 2 years ago and has 3 kids and 2 nieces living with her in this small room. we told her when church meets and where it is. and she came for 2 sundays in a row. so fast forward, we meet with her at her house. as we begin to teach with lesson 1 on the restoration, she just stops and just is silent after we share about the great apostasy. she told us that she has been looking for a church ever since her husband died but didnt know which church was god's church. she told us that, the day in the market she saw us she just had this feeling she should ask me if i was mormon. she didnt know the name of the church in the khmer language. she told us that she goes maybe they are from america. they have these weird looking helmets and bike and they dont wear those weird helmets here.... they might be from america, they are talking about jesus christ. she told us that she just had this feeling in her that she should ask me and pull me aside. long story short, we are teaching her and her entire family, 3 kids and 2 adorable nieces. the blessings of helping this family form an eternal family is amazing. this work is truly progressing in cambodia and all over the world. the lord has promised us that as we are obedient to his word with absolute exactness, he will bless us with people to teach and to bring unto Him. i know that the gospel of jesus christ is true and that the healing power of the atonement is real, if we exercise our faith in the lord and apply the atonement in our lives, we can be cleansed and stand before got spotless. i know that jospeh smith is a true prophet of god, that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the true and only true church on earth. i know that jesus christ is my savior and my redeemer and that he knows me by name as he does everyone else.

i urge everyone of you to sincerely look to the lord in all things and he will guide you aright.




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