Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 15

So this week here in Cambodia, has been HOT. But then again I say its hot every week hahah because it is. Its not even the super hot season yet. They have all sorts of seasons here. You know they have mango season here and we all know how much I love mangos so I cant wait for that!!!. It should be good times when that comes. So I swear I’m getting fat hahahaha, the food here is SUPER good. Beefy, spicy, and good. I actually at PHO the other day, it was good but PHO at home is still better. Actually I take that back, LINDA’S MOM’S PHO IS SUPER GOOD! But I do miss things like cheese. Cheese here is like…. 20$. We don’t have that kind of money to say the least so its all good.

so mom, or dad or someone. I want GOLDFISH FLAVOR BLAST. Hube you know what that is. I always really want the HUGE BAG OF GUMMY BEARS FROM COSTCO. Dad can you get those for me? And I REALLY MISS CEREAL. Like PEANUT BUTTER CAPTAIN CRUNCH. Whoever is reading this, bless your hearts if you send me them . thanks. Oh I also really miss UTZ SOUR CREAM AND ONION CHIPS AND PRINGLES AND HMMMM OREOS!!!! Hahaha sending the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE PRIORITY FLAT RATE is the best to send to Cambodia. I love YOU whoever sends it to me!!!!! Thanks J the lord shall bless you for being so kind to a missionary of the lord hahaha.

Well, as far as exciting things that happened. We had 6 people get baptized. Which was amazing. It is the greatest thing to see people choose happiness. The gospel of jesus Christ can ONLY help your life and can NEVER harm it. I love seeing people and especially families learn about how they can live together forever. I love you family and I have such a testimony and sure knowledge that I will live with you forever! I know that as I continue to serve the lord here in Cambodia, the lord is blessing your lives and mine as well and that this experience now as a missionary can NEVER be replaced. The sacrifices I made to come here like leaving family and friends and American and other foods is NOTHING compared to the happiness that I feel, its not even funny!

The people in Cambodia are so humble and I love it. I smile and they smile back and we just talk to people as we bike around and its awesome. I love talking to people in my broken khmer accent hahahahaha. Im getting better I think and getting more comfortable and reading a lot better which is great. I told myself that FEAR IS A DEADLY ENEMY TO PROGRESS and if I fear reading out loud because I feel stupid, is a terrible excuse. The lord will provide a way through the holy ghost to help those people im talking to you and I know that because I have faith that he does and surprisingly enough…. Its true haha. Reading is so hard but within due time, ill get it down! Its hard not to feel embarrassed but that’s just a struggle that I have. I study and study and study and practice any time I get. I feel stupid and feel really sad when I cant read things but without the hard times, I wouldn’t want to push myself to read.

Speaking of reading, can I just say that reading from the book of mormon is SO important. Even if you just but read 1 or 2 verses a day, its better than nothing. I promise you that the book of mormon is the most correct book on earth and that the book of mormon is the word of god. I promise ANYONE who reads it with an open heart and prays about it that the holy ghost will manifest the truth unto you. Anyone who gets the chance, please read the introduction of the book of mormon. Look at the bottom last 2 paragraphs. Read the blessings and promises. I felt the spirit so strong while reading the intro and testimonies of the 3 witnesses. I encourage ALL OF YOU to read the intro and to read and study the book of mormon. It is the most powerful tool we have. I promise you the book has all the answers to ALL questions. Always remember that the lord loves us and gave us this book for us to use in this life. I love this book of mormon!!!

Well another week has gone and past and its crazy. I love the heat I love the work and I love the people and I love the lord and I love YOU!

Thanks for the constant support. I pray for each and everyone of you every day and night and I think about you all the time. Please keep me updating on things at home!!!!! I love hearing from me J don’t worry I’m safe and happier than ever and slowly losing my ability to spell, use English grammer, and speaking hahaha.

You all are AWESOME! I love you all! TRUST IN THE LORD and PRAY with SINCERITY. I promise you the lord always listens and is waiting to bless you, if you just LET HIM!

Keep being ridiculously good looking and wonderful this week! Till next week!


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