Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 12

another sweaty week in cambodia! hahaha.

where to even begin?!? i apologize in advance that for my poor grammer. i just have no time and i won't lie, i just don't proof read haha.

okay so my companion sister askerlund and i swear as she said in her email "we were twins in the pre-mortal life" are are like the same person its insane. we have a blast teaching people about the gospel of jesus christ. i have never been happer in my life, to really take the time to serve other people EVERYDAY. the work of the lord is so rewarding to me. its awesome seeing the happiness grow in people as we teach them and visit with them and do service for them. sister askerlund and i bought these SWEET hats from one of our investigators, she wanted like 30 cents for them and we see how hard she works, we gave her a dollar for them. you wonder where are your clothes come from? they come from CAMBODIA. these people work so hard but they are still so poor.

the girl i told you about last week, the one who's parents sold her for 50$ came to church and we have met with her and talked to her. it's amazing to see that no matter how hard life was, is, and can become - the lord can always help you. this experience to be here in this country alone is simple amazing with in itself. i love that i can get away from the SPOILED LIFE OF AMERICA and experience life here.

so today, we are going to grab some more grocerys and are going to toulsleng prison (one of the old schools that paul pott turned into a prision to torture people) here in phnom penh. we're always goign to the russian market where EVERYTHING is so cheap. i'm so excited, we all know me - i love shopping :) don't worry, everything is super cheap anyways. we clean our apartment every wednesday so it's nice and clean!

i'm trying to think of these funny stories from this past week, well lets just say every day is an adventure - we nearly die with the traffic but don't worry, we have our trusty helmets and we are safe! we haven't died yet :) it's crazy, you see all these dogs and funny looking animals, i swear everything is like cross breed here hahaha. they havee the ugliest looking dogs here. i feel so bad, all these animals are super skinny.

the experiences here that i'm having cannot be experienced anywhere else. i love being able to survive on so little but its so much compared to everyone else. i love the gospel of jesus christ with all of my heart and i know that the work that i'm doing here is going to bless you, my awesome cool family and my life and all those around me. i cannt even begin to explain how happy i feel being given the opporortunity to be here.

this week we had 11 investigators come to church which was lower than the week before but that's okay! we have 9 people with baptismal dates this month. we're trying to prepare them, its an amazing thing to see people progress everyday and how they come unto christ.

i love my investigators with every fiber of my being, i love love LOVe them. they are all so wonderful, i can only imagine what its like to listen to a 21 and 23 year old about how you should change your life because God wants us to and has sent US to tell them to do it because through it they can recieve true happiness.

i love the gospel of jesus christ and i know that the prophet joseph smith translated the book of mormon by the power of god. i am so grateful to have a living prophet today. i know that the lord's plan is perfect and that his way is always the best and only way to true happiness. i have a firm testimony that if you just experiement upon the word of the god, the lord will answer you. the lord will NEVER cease to bless you. you have to choose to see his blessings in your life. the lord is our loving father and heaven and i know that he is so aware of every one of you. please continue to pray with all sincereity of heart everyday so the lord can bless you and your families.

i love this work. i love cambodia. i love my companion. i love you. and i love the gospel.




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