Thursday, February 18, 2010

week 13

okay so the mail system here is pretty good! so EVERYONE MAIL ME stuff :)

well i just wanted to talk about this one girl we have been teaching. her name is SREY BRAT. i'll attach pics of her on this email. she is deaf and hard of hearing. she can't speak either. she has the most amazing faith its not even funny. she is so smart, it blows are mind. we communicate through words, hand actions, and drawings. its the most amazing thing to watch. she comes to church every sunday BY HERSELF - this past sunday she came and road her bike. she has such a sweet and giving heart. she has no parents around, she lives with her older sister. its amazing to see how much love and faith this girl has. its hard sometimes because we don't really know completely that she understands what we are saying but for the most part, her actions show that she does - its the most amazing and miraclous thing ever. it makes me grateful for my HEARING and SEEING.... even though we all know i'm practically blind.

so we have 5 people getting BAPTIZED on feb 27th if things go as planned. we are SO excited. it is the greatest and coolest thing to see people come unto christ everyday. we talk to everyone on the street, just to simply say hi and how you they are doing. it never hurts to smile. over here, you realize that people don't really smile so i love smiling at people and if they smile back, its the greatest feeling ever. it still blows my mind how little these people have but how kind and humble they are. it was funny, the other night while sister askerlund and i were biking home, these kids started running next to us really fast sceaming HELLO HELLO HELLO HOW ARE YOU WHAT IS YOUR NAME. it was the cutest thing ever. the people here usually know HELLO, O-K, NO PROBLEM in their broken english. its so funny but here i am speaking my broken sounding khmer haha so i have no room to talk.

oh cambodia. haha. there is so much to say and so much happens in one week but just know, the work is going great here. we talk to 130 + people each week. our goal for cambodia phnom penh mission is to baptize 800 people in the year of 2010. WE CAN DO IT!!!! my companion and i are doing great. i love her! we keep it REAL and FRESH and i love the unity between us. she never fails to help me be a better missionary everyday. she helps me read khmer script, she pushes me and it sucks but i'm grateful for it. the language is coming along, or so i hope so. people here think i'm khmer.... thats old news though. everytime my companion says something, they look at me expecting me to speak and translate.... even though she spoke khmer and speaks 10000 times better khmer than i do.

life here in cambodia is wonderful. the work is so hard but if it wasn't so hard, it wouldn't be this great. last week, we went to the khmer rouge prisions, s21. it was the saddest most depressing thing ever. the history here is so sad its not even funny. how grateful i am for everything that i have. beware of the pics, they are SCARY... seriously.

another week has gone and past and another one is here!

sister askerlund and i say, lets go kick satan in the baby maker! and ultimate punch him!

i LOVE this gospel with every fiber of my being. i know that the book of mormon is the most correct book on this earth. i love the opporutnity to become a better person each and everyday through the atonement of jesus christ. i love this work and the lord's plan for me. i know that the plan of salvation is perfect and that this life is the time to be tested, edified, and refined. always trust in the lord in all that he does. i promise you as you trust him, everything in your life will fall into place. his blessings are conditional upon our obedience to his commandments and our faith. always remember that the lord will never turn his back on you, if you ever feel that way - its YOU who has turned your back on him. keep the lord close to your heart and strive to be like jesus christ everyday. i love the gospel and the lord and i will serve him forever!

have a great week everyone! sucker punch satan in the face! stay happy! stay awesome!



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