Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 7



OHHHHHHHHH THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL! But something something is so delightful.... sing the song for me, I already forgot it!

Okay so I hope everyone had an awesome christmas! We had a crazy full week of great speakers and what not here in the glorious MTC. Last tuesday we had an apostle of the lord come speak to us. ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSEN! How amazing that was! His wife spoke as well. One thing I loved that his wife had said was that IF THERE WAS/IS A MIRACLE, IT IS CERTAINLY A MIRACLE FROM GOD! All miracles come from the lord. The lord is so good to us it's not even funny! Okay so his cute grandkids were there and they go up to sing a medley of songs entitled PICTURE CHRISTMAS! And it was cute one of the little blonde boys kept pacing from microphone to microphone and it was hilarious, I love kids and miss them! okay well lets jusee.... I love that Elder Andersen spoke about a mission being like a piggy bank, when you sacrifice things, it's like putting money in the bank and serving a mission in a sense is a sacrifice but the greatest of all things we can be doing. In the future, we have 18 months to do it (a mission) and a whole life time to think about it. The lord has promised us that our families and friends and those around me will be blessed for the service that I am doing for Him and I am so grateful for the blessings that He has promised me because the Lord cannot lie to us. When we do as we are commanded,the Lord is bound to bless us! It's a 2 way street between us and the Lord! It's never a one way street I PROMISE you that. Just always remember that God's gifts are frequent and reoccuring. And remember that we do not demand the holy ghost. Be patient for it.

For christmas eve it was crazy. Being away from now. It is the time of the year that I remember most about my life. It is crazy to think that 4 years has passed by in my life, it has been by far the greatest blessing in my life to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so grateful for the true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and for the missionaries who taught me. I'm grateful for each and every one of you who have helped me along the way. I would've never imagined myself 4 years later, being a missionary of the lord. Hoping to find people and to help them come unto the fold of god and to one day glory with them. I know that we have the fullness of the gospel on this earth today and that god loves each and every one of us. I testify to you that I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is the savior and redeemer of this world. How grateful I am for his atoning sacrifice for me. The lord has never ceased to amaze me in all the things that he can do because he has the power to do all things. I promise all of you that if we continue to come unto christ in everything that we do, say, and think - that the lord will bless you more than you could ever imagine. I promise you that there is always a way when you have the lord by your side. I plead for all of you to strive to be more like our older brother, Jesus Christ. To do as he would do. I love this gospel with every fiber of my being and I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of god and that he restored the true church of Jesus Christ on this earth and that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. Heed unto his counsel and always listen to the sweet promptings of the spirit. And I solemnly testify of these things in the name of my lord and my savior, Jesus Christ - amen!

Okay before I finish about christmas eve as a MTC it was so fun, the presidency of the MTC made a 12 days of christmas song, MTC STYLE! So it was like this so sing the beginning parts... you know how it goes so i'll just list the 12 things! It was so fun! We all got so into it! and as a gift, the presidency gave us these bookmarks donating by some family in Utah and they gave us all a huge bag of kettle corn! Okay so the song:

1. rock solid testimony
2. 2 haircuts free
3. 3 new companions
4. 4 chocolate milks
5. 5 hrs of gym!
6. 6:30 wake up!
7. 7 luke warm showers
8. 8 hrs of rest
9. 9 outbound calls
10. 10 more commandments
11. 11 lords of laundry
12. 12 hrs of class

Okay so on Christmas day we had a morning devotional with another apostle of the Lord! Elder L. Tom Perry! How cute is this man! I love him! It is such a wonderful blessing to always here from an apostle of the Lord. He told us to always remember our families no matter where we are and remember that families are the center of the lord's plan! On top of that we had a Christmas talent show, it was hilarious and wonderful. I am always so amazed at peoples talents. We had things from piano pieces to balloon animal making! To violin pieces to break dancing and yes a kid did a slow motion techno dance to I AM A CHILD OF GOD! hahahaha I love how corky and weird mormons are. It's ridiculous.

Anyways for Christmas day we had an awesome fireside given by Greg Olsen the artist. Google his art work, it's amazing. he was so inspiring. I love art! A picture certainly speaks louder than words! He told us to leter the Lord gather us under his wing and to just slow down with life. Oh and interesting thing, have you all seen that picture with Jesus Christ standing outside the door. Take a good look, notice that none of the doors in the pictures have NO door knob.... and that's symbolic of, we have to open the door and that the door is our heart. We have to let the Savior in, he won't let himself in. We don't have to look far for his love - just remember that. Remember ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Last thing, so on Sunday we had an AMAZING speaker his name is Richard Heaton. He does something in the MTC I forgot to write it down but pretty much he spoke about how no matter how unholy we are or incompete, the Lord will make it happen and he spoke about how the Lord wants to bless us and help you succeed and accomplish his will joy in missionary work comes when we give ourselves to his service, and trust in his timetable and in his power for his outcome. I love it. Remember that it is in the lord's time and by the Lord's will and by the lord' power. We have to set goals upon the lord's time. The Lord has as plan for each of us specifically. Take the time to make sure you're doing the things that you need to be doing, not what the person next to you is doing or can do or whatever (thanks for that advice sara) okay and another good point he made was if we wonder how we are doing and not how the investigator is doing, we miss it all. We need to dial in to FOCUS! Remember that the blessings of missionary service is joy and that we should give our whole self to him!

I love you all! have a great week!!!!

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