Wednesday, December 2, 2009

week 3


I hope you all had a sweet thanksgiving. we had Jeffrey R. Holland come to speak to us for Thanksgiving devotional. He is just SIMPLY AMAZING. He spoke about homesickness and how we as missionaries feel like that sometimes but that the Lord feels like that for us, ALL THE TIME and so therefore we should BRING AND GET EVERYONE BACK TO HIM!!!! Everyone check out D&C 123:13 I love the line that says that we should wear out our lives in serving Him. What a wonderful work this is. Okay for devotional on sunday night we had a Robert Swensen come to us and his main message was about obedience with exactness and willinginess. how it's so important that we follow the Lord as He wants us to, not this and that - follow HIS WILL, not OURS. what a great message. Sara it made me think of you and your mission how your mission president spoke about obedience with exactness. Okay and he also talk about how 1+1 = 3 meaning person and person aka companionship = 3 how does that work? me being asian and all, I'm like uh NO 1+1 = 2 hahaha the extra person comes from the Holy Ghost and that when you and your companion work together, the spirit will be with you and I've realized that the holy ghost is your key to the Lord. We need it because needing the spirit means we need the Lord right? Okay sorry my thoughts are so scattered by in Preach My Gospel, check out page 11 it talks about how we will see and feel disappointments while on our missions but we at least should know that we tried our best for that day and that you can't be disappointed in yourself for that. remember that you can control your actions but not the actions of others. So try your very best in all that you do everyday! It's a great feeling when you can go to the Lord at the end of the night and say that you have done your very best for that day!

Hey shoutout to the DC north sisters!!!! good luck with festival of lights!!!! SEND ME PICS!!! I'll miss it for my 4 year anniv baptism! CRAZY! rock it sisters!

I love you all, thanks so much for your prayers and supoprt and letters :)

Let the Lord help you, stretch you, love you, and USE you!!!

The church is true and it's freezing in UTAH hahahaha


sister wu

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